Swimming Pool in the House (VIDEO)

Swimming is kind of exercise which most people believe that it will bring a healthy and keep their body in  good shape. Of course, will bring us more than a healthy life and good body shape. I have found several benefit of swimming:

1- Burn calorie and build muscle. Just like other sports or exercise that we need to move body up and down, left and right, swimming need us to use arms to spin like fin to move body forward on the water.

2- Reduce stress. After a terrible working day, what I need to do first when arrived home is to shower. The water drop on my body is helping me release many stress. In addition, when I go to fitness center for swimming, I will me much better than shower in the bathroom.

3- Build relationship with friend and family. We will me more fun if people swimming together in a pool. We could talk and have fun during there.

4- Human skill. After a baby know to to crawl, then they will learn how to walk and run. All people should not think that they will only walk and run on the land in their whole life because some day their foot and arm will be in the water with boat or ship. And people should know how to survive in the water not to drown easily.

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